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Headlines - Happy Birthday to you!
Renault 14 turns 25 !
The once described "worst Renault ever" celebrates its 25th anniversary this year (2001). Even if thousands now rest - or rust - in peace, this witness of the seventies is still alive and well, considering the amount of e-mails this site gets each month from happy 14 owners all over Europe. Not really a collectible yet, the 14 isn't the car of the guy next door anymore. Besides, this kind of rare French car is priceless. In fact, you can get one for no money at all ! Last February, the "Retromobile" motorshow took place in Paris, where Renault's main competitor, Peugeot, showed a '78 104 ZS2. The former "Regie Renault" showed, among others, a prototype from the sixties and an R3, but a 14 TS would have been nice, too... The advert on the right side means "the middle-class car of happiness". What are you waiting for tasting it ? 

Dirt tracks
The Paris-Dakar rally behind the wheel of a Renault 18
Already heard of the Paris-Dakar rally ? This made-for-mad-people race occurs each January between... er... Paris and Dakar, yes. At the very beginning of the eighties, two French brothers, Claude and Bernard Marreau, ran the race with a very special Renault 4. In 1982, they were given a R20 prototype, with a V6 turbo engine and four wheel drive,and succeeded. One year later, in 1983, while Renault showed its brand new 4WD R18 Station Wagon, the Marreau brothers were given the duty to drive a 4WD V6 Renault 18. Alas, they failed, because of a stupid breakdown during a stage in Algeria. But their car still exists and can be seen in a car museum in Brittany (Western France), where this picture was shot. Come and discover the fabled Racing history of the Renault 18, which also competed in Latin America, in national and even international rally championships. See the Racing section.

Remember me
Did you drive a Renault 14, or a Renault 18 once in your life ? Are you still a happy owner ? I'm very interested in your comments, tips and pieces of advice - even photos will do ! Just send me a mail at to describe your 14 or 18 experience. Then look at the pics people from all over the world already sent me here, and their quotes here, too.
"It matches BMW 320i on the track"!
Don't laugh. This is no joke. This is advertisement. Discover all kinds of promotion designed in the seventies and eighties in order to make Renault 14 and 18 fashionable, and many, many more in the "Files" section. Here for the 14, here for the 18. Enjoy !

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