Looking for a 14 or a 18 ? Willing to sell your own jewel ? This page is for you. I'm waiting for your classified ads. Send them to me !  If you're looking for a 14 or a 18, take a look at the following site. Ten 14 and hundred 18 for sale all across the French territory! See also the French version of this page here.

I'm looking for a Renault 14 in good condition, can pick it up in Germany, Austria or Italy, thanks.

1984 18i Sportwagon 5sp, 300k, many new parts; Frt wheel brgs, exhaust, rr springs, little rust!, steel 13" wheels, gold on tan cloth, great runner.  Rear wiper still works! Offers? Northern Ontario, Canada
Also: parts car same as above, black on tan cloth, front end damage, automatic, perfect seats.

I have a 1984 18 American for sale, 65000 miles, quite a lot of new parts fitted. No MOT or Tax. Garage space required for Caravelle. No sensible offer refused.
Tim Brocklehurst
Renault 14 wanted for restoration. Contact Mark Oatley in the UK, 0797 171 7080.

I`m needing a 5 speed gearbox for a 1400 c.c engined renault 18 TS , 1985 model, i am living in Colombia, i would pay any charge of transportation.
my name is Harley Banoy, Thanks a lot!

Wanted: Renault 14 - any model ok condition preferably.

I have a 1983 Renault 18i that I use every day.  I don't have room for it any more.  Come to North Dakota (USA) and drive it away ($300).

I am looking for the following parts for Renault 18 GTS in Kenya:
1. Left hand side Headlamp
2. Dash board for the Right Hand Drive version
3. Spiral speedometer gear
4. Set of door locks
Please help
Joshua Odeny

WANTED Dead or alive...R14 with good bodyshell (doors/wings/bonnet/boot-lid don't matter as I have replacements!) or 01529-307793 (England)

I am the Scottish owner of a 1979 R18 TS which is in very good condition. However, the front bumper has been badly damaged. I am having great difficulty in locating a replacement - have you any suggestions where I might find one?
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