Here are some 520 pics taken by happy Renault owners or spotters, or found on the Web. Click on them to enlarge.
Loads of 18 from all over Lebanon, February 2003

Three Spanish 18 from this website

This Colombian 18 TS belongs to Jorge Alberto Acevedo Duarte

Mark Oatley's former 14 TL (Great Britain)

Two 18 in Cairo and Aswan (Egypt)

A 18 from Cyprus

Jean-Benoît Robitallie's 18 GTL

Near the Elysee (presidential palace) in Paris, a gorgeous 18 GTL Type 2

A very nice 18 Turbo Type 2

Claude Reneau's French 18 GTL Type 2

Luis Osorio's Mexican GTX 2 litres

François Dosières' '80 14 TS

Two 18, in the posh Achrafiyeh district, Beirut, Lebanon

An R14 spotted in the streets of Paris

Three French 18 from fire brigades, and one ambulance of the French Red Cross

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Velasco's incredible 18 GTD with Volkswagen Golf II  headlights

A 18 running on the "peripherique" (ring road) in Paris

Oldtimer meetings near Paris

Denis Montoya's 14 GTL

Even in Malta, a tiny state in the Mediterranean sea, you can find wonders...

Gristo Joesaar's Estonian '82 18 GTL SW

Micke Sahlström's three identical 18 TS

Norwegian hard wood: this 18 TD SW already ran 497.000 kms!

From the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, another 18

David Taveira's Portuguese 14

Carlos Adrian Sosa Amenta is the chairman of the 18 fan club in Argentina. His car is a '83 R18 TX

A lonesome RHD 14 GTL in a Cyprian junkyard

Road and track: a 18 feels fine everywhere

Argentinian aftershocks from warious online newspapers

Jaime Forero works at the NASA in Houston and drives daily a less sophisticated shuttle (200.000 miles so far!)

From, nice pics from rallies in Argentina

Safety exercise, lethal for a poor 14

A nasty 18: 155 bhp, lightened, special brakes!

On the road to Dakar, driving a 18

Franck Ferry's sliding '82 18 GTL
La R18, capable d'affronter tous les types de route, on le savait, mais la neige... Les trois dernières photos montrent l'application préventive de Blackson sur le masque avant (jamais un luxe).
Anywhere, but not everywhere: what not to do with your 18...

Steve Jadin's former 18 GTL (France)

Sebastiano Marchese's German red 14

Maurice Bidault's Mexican 18 GTX

Wim Pollet's 14 TL tuned into TS (Belgium)

As new tuned-up 18 once more from Argentina

An old German 18 from

Some more 18 as Rally cars in Argentina

Two 14 from Normandy

A Moroccan 18 on Jemaa al-Fna square (Marrakesh)

The Argentinian 18 fan club meeting (from

A 18i SportWagon 2,2 litre from the USA, owned by Eric Sechrist

Grégoire and Marie are fond of their old but strong '83 14 TS

A 18 GTS I shot in Valparaiso (Chile), late 2001

United colors of Renault 18 from the Argentinian website

Davy Espeel's '79 18 GTL (Belgium)

A Renault 14 from Maribor (Slovenia)

Patrick Dubourg's two former 18, a TD and an American 2 (France)

Santiago Diaz's Argentinian '83 Renault 18 GTL

"The fastest 18 on earth", says Diego Fernando Parra, from Bogota (Colombia)

Andreas Tresky's Austrian 18 "special"

Raphaël's basic but anything proof 18, driven in the muddy fields of central France

An anonymous 18 SW from the Czech Republic

Leandro Degouvea's Argentinian 18

Leonardo's rejuvenated '82 18 TX (Argentinia)

Rubén Tresserra's Argentinian '88 GTX II

Ariel Marcelo Di Pietro's Argentinian 18 GXE full, year 1990

Maik's German '82 18 GTL

Justus Van der Hoeven sent us pics of two Dutch Renault 14
Une R14 GTL de 1981, très classique... ... et l'ancienne TL 1980 de la famille de Justus.

George Dumitru's 18 GTL SW in Romania

Emilio Yee's '85 18 "2 litres" in Mexico, just aside a custom Renault 10

And even an 18 from southern Tunisia

From Madrid (Spain), Antonio Ibáñez's cute 14

Wander Veenstra, a Dutchman, proves that the 14 is a family car

Ricardo Guido Barreiro's family's Argentinian '91 (true!) 18 GTD

Elmar Werkman's Dutch 18 is in perfect condition and he drives it only during weekends !

Johan Larsson's Swedish 18 TD was sadly scrapped, but he replaced it with a self-made 18 Turbo Diesel

A trip to Turkey: the only one 18 spotted near Antalya (southwest) and my former 18 in Istanbul

Yann Noiret (France) has not less than three '83 18 Turbo

Bill Hawley (US) used to drive this nice '84 18i SportWagon

Hans-Jürgen Surke (Germany) owns three 18, among them this 4WD GTL SW

Yamil Chujachi's 18 GTX from Mexico

Alain Level's "golden" '80 18 GTL

Mark Counsell's 14 Regency is a rare limited edition from Great Britain

Luis Fernando Talero Vega, from Colombia drives a 18 GTX daily

Hendrik Stolz (Belgium) is currently tuning up his 14, and setting up a leather interior

A 18 TL, 1978, 55.000 original kilometers, shot in the streets of Rennes (western France)

Stéphane Gralle's former (struck) 14 TL

An Indonesian guy collects tuned-up 18s!

Bunches of nearly brand new 18s from the former Argentinian Autofoto website

Geoffroy Bonis drives a 18 Diesel

Two 18s snapped by Jeff on the road from Paris to Nouakchott (Mauritania)

Forbes Gordon's former 18 GTL

Ian Aspinall's former 18, driven while he was living in Brittany

Jos Wassing's former 18 in the Netherlands

Frank Wagschal's aunt used to drive this German 18 Turbo

Frédéric Vincent's very rare 18 Gala TX 4WD

French civil servants still used some 18s in year 2000

Moroccan 18s, autumn 1999

Old 18s still used as taxis, in the late nineties
Une R18 taxi, encore en activité en 1998 !

Christelle Maniglier's 18 American 2 (France)

Thomas' father used to drive this 18 TL, very common in the eaerly eighties in France

A strange Dutch rallycross V6 car built from a 18

Javier Castaño's former Argentinian 18 GTX II

Andres Morgensztern put a turbocompressor on the Colombian 18 GTX engine!

Michiel Matzinger's rare 18 Turbo automatic (Netherlands)

Roland Freistätter drives a 18 GTL SW in Austria

Jean Bailly's 18 before it was tuned-up

Sasa, from Serbia-Montenegro, would like to make his 14 work again

Phil Martin is the happy owner of the only Australian 18 Turbo

Leonardo Martin Alvarez's father's former 18 GTS (Argentina)

Eduardo Ahumada's former 18 GTX SW (Chile)

Rajko Sabo's Slovenian 18

Nick Davies' rare 14s... in Australia

Federico Ragni's pics from Uruguay

A 18 in the Sahara desert: a young German lady made it through Mauritania

Alejandro de Bendetto's pics show a 18 American and a less conventional 18 Rallye

Some southamerican 18s, grabbed in this website

Nicolas Fronte's somewhat tuned 18 GTD
La 18 GTD de Nicolas Fronte (1) La 18 GTD de Nicolas Fronte (2) La 18 GTD de Nicolas Fronte (3) La 18 GTD de Nicolas Fronte (4)

Stephen Hull's superb 14, a globe-trotter which followed him to Canada!
La 14 de Stephen (Grande-Bretagne). Plus neuve que neuve ! La même, en route pour...le Canada !

Andrew Cleal's 14
L'ancienne 14 d'Andrew (Grande-Bretagne).

Thomas Forsman's former Swedish Renaults
Une 14 suédoise (1) Une 18 suédoise (1) Une 18 suédoise (2) Une 14 suédoise (2)

Guillaume Séguin sent us this 18 Diesel facing a cold winter
Une R18 diesel envoyée par l'indispensable Guillaume Séguin (France)

Dave's gorgeous 18 automatic (Netherlands)
Une très belle 18 automatique hollandaise.

Frédéric Daubignard's rusty former 18 GTD
Une 18 GTD de 1981 qui a bien servi ! La même, vue de face.

Rémy Magnier's former 14 (France)
La 14 TL de Rémy (1) La 14 de Rémy (2)

Mitja Jaksa sent us two pics of Slovenian 18 TLJ (J for Jugoslavija?)
Une 18 yougoslave... une autre 18 yougoslave.

Johan Larsson's former Swedish 18 TD
Une 18 suédoise à Paris (1) Sur le circuit de Reims, une 18 diesel de course! Presque une carte postale... Sur le bac aux Pays-Bas, sur la route du retour

J. Noordkamp's Dutch 14
La 14 de J. Noordkamp (Pays-Bas).

Richard Pflug's nice 18 GTL (Netherlands)
La 18 GTL de Richard Pflug, après un accrochage Une aile à blanc... Sablage des jantes et peinture... Voilà une R18 très présentable. Le choc de deux générations, à vingt ans d'intervalle Encore un propriétaire de 18 satisfait !

Naftali Blau's former 18 (Israel)
Une série de photos de la 18 GTS de Naftali prises dans le Sinaï (Egypte) en 1988.
My former 18 GTD (400,000 kms!)

The same one in Morocco
Au Maroc (1) Au Maroc (2) Au Maroc (3) Au Maroc (4) Au Maroc (5) Au Maroc (6)

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