Thanks !
For their help, as far as the English version of this site is concerned, I would like to thank here :

- Mr. Mustapha Abou Talib
- Mr. Laurent Burgat
- Mr. Andrew Cleal (another R14 enthusiast)
- Mr. Thomas Forsman (for his 14 and 18 photographs)
- Mr. Stephen Hull (an R14 enthusiast)
- Ms. Cécile Miller
- Mr. Stéphane Monier (look at his site)
- Mr. Nicolas Perrin
- Mr. Guillaume Séguin
- Mr. Guillermo E. Weyland (No, the 18 is not dead !)
- of course Mr. Olivier "Magic XIII" Monnot
- every pal at #joystick IRC channel
- every onelist renaultlist addict!

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