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Stuck with your 14 or a 18 ? Looking for important parts or related stuff ? This page is for you. Send your queries here, I'll send them on line, and maybe someone near you will be able to help.

Tech help needed in Colombia
Hi. I need information about electrical and carburetor specs. for a Renault 18 GTX 2 litres Model 1986. I live in Colombia. Thanks a lot.
Carlos MatizAuto gearbox needed in Trinidad
I'm looking for an automatic transmission for my Renault.
Transmission type: MJI-001 (BP AUTO 0430)
Car type R1342 (100047) Renault 18 1981.
Nizam Ali

Wheels wanted
Renault alloy wheels from various 18, 20, Fuego models.They look like...
In Australia the Fuego was fitted with mags like this for a metric TRX tyre which are no longer made. They are for between a 13 and a 14 inch tyre.
So what I am looking for is a set of wheels (as pictured in the link) that are for tyres  measured in inches. I understand they may have come on turbos in 14" 
Manual choke conversion
I have just bought an immaculate Renault 18 Ts estate with no rust and no welding and very low mileage. I like everything about the car except the cold starting.It always starts but with a struggle. I don’t think the auto choke works very often. Do you know of a manual choke conversion? A company called cats and carbs might be able to help if I have a Weber DARA carb. I’m not sure does anyone know? All help appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation
Martin Ward 

14 Parts in Italy
I am the owner of a Renault 14 GTL 1980 model.
A vehicle crashed into me in the rear of the car. In Italy (Treviso) we do not find Parts (the rear car window ) . Can you suggest anywhere from where i can Buy Parts? Please email me at

18 stuff
I'll bother you with the same request as many other guys from arround the globe. Me - proud owner of a R18 - 1980 TL, needs manuals (maintenance, catalogues or anything else).

Brakes failure
Hi. I´m writing you to ask for anybody who can help me with my 1981, 1600cc., Standard Renault 18. I have a serious problem with brake system, consistent of a lateral deviation of the vehicle while an emergency braking.
Thank you for your support.
Adolfo Huitron Lopez, from Mexico City

Electric circuit diagram
I am writing to you because I have one R-18 and I have lot of problem with the electric system, specially the lights. So, If you have a copy to send me by email, would you mind sending me a copy of the electric circuit of all the lights?
Thanks a lot, Alejandro Vázquez 
Parts needed in Malta
I am the owner of a Renault 14 GTL 1982 model. I am very happy with this car and it is still going fine.
A vehicle crashed into me in the rear of the car. In Malta we do not find Parts. Can you suggest anywhere from where i can Buy Parts?
Please email me at

Stud info
Is the pitch of the wheel studs 150mm,on a 3 stud wheel for a renault 14.

5-speed gearbox needed
I'm looking for a 5 speed manual gearbox. Regards 

Manual for a 18 GTX wanted in Mexico
Hi, I´have an R18 GTX 2litres, and I´m a looking for reparation manuals and other manuals, i´m a fan of this cars, is my third R18, and I´m working on it because it needs a special reparation and I like doing it.
Luis Fernando Osorio Hernandez 

Part needed in Malta
I have a Renault 18 and am having a big problem.
I would like to purchase a nylon bushing which is used for the Renault 18 GTL [1981] to connect the gear lever to a rod linkage. I can supply a photograph of the part if required.  This is a small cylindrical object about 25mm in size.
Can you help me find one please?
Thanks and best regards
Alexei Pace

Parts needed in Romania
My name is Bogdan Muscalu and I'm from Iasi, Romania. I own a Renault 18 GTS 1981. Now is in a god shape, but
this summer i want to start resaturate him. Is a very elaborate job. Please, if is posible, help me with some advises and also with some techincal draws. Also i need some dasboard elements as speed indicator and 2 electric windows buttons. 
Engine jam in Slovenia
Hello! I have just made an overhaul of the 1.4L engine (new pistons, liners, big&small end bearings, renewed head...) due to cracked No.4 piston.
After some minor problems, the engine started up and ran O.K. I rev it up to 1500-2000 RPM to provide for better lubrication. After readjusting valve clearances I took the car for a test ride, accelerating from 30 to 50 mph to help the rings seat. The car performed quite well except it dies when I release the throttle. Sometimes it jerks a bit before it goes out, sometimes it just dies suddenly.
Could it be that break-in has not fully occured or is it the carburettor idle jet or mixture?
Best regards,
Mitja Jakša, Slovenija 

Parts for a '85 2.000 cc Renault 18
I have Renault 18 – 1985 model type 2 with 2000 cc engine that I want to repair (its in the garage for about 4 years without using). I need a good source for parts and parts catalog for making parts orders. If you have an idea how can I get it I’ll appreciate any help

Hub caps for 18i rims
Hi, I need some help.  I wonder if you have seen hub caps such as the one in the picture attached.  They came fitted to the R18i's sold in the USA.  If you happen to know of a source I would appreciate you letteing me know.
(Click to enlarge)
Custom fuel injection system
I´d like to know how can I do to install a Fuel Injection System in my Renault 18 GTX 85. What kind of injection kits is the best and compatible with my car. Also I want to know if there were a 4WD kind of R-18 and how´s the operation of
this system in the car.
I don´t know if you have some pictures of people arround the world who made some tune up to their R-18´s, this because I want to make some tune up in mine´s and I´d like to see some examples to get more ideas for the final choice.
Thank you for your time and I´ll be waiting your answer.
Bogota - Colombia

Antifreezing mess
Altough I almost have used an antifreeze product with te coolant water I have problems with the corrossion of the block of cylinders of my R18 with 1647 cc
engine. I want to know if I can repair it reliably by filling the rust holes in the cooling water area with aluminum welding and if it's possible to rectify the top surface of the block and the maximun quantity of material can be eliminated. Thanks 
18 GTX manual
I'm looking for a repair manual for Renault 18 GTX 1983 1995ccm JR6 engine. (R 1353) Thanks. 
18 GTX info in Colombia
I'd like to get information about the maintenance manual, wiring manual and parts catalog from renault 18 GTX 84, and get info about tuning  procedures, paint recomended. Thanks a lot.

18 fuse box
I would like to know what colour the supply wire to the fuse box is because I'm stuck there. If anyone knows, email me on
Bye Joseph

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