Renault 14 & 18 isn't the only one. Try these good URLs to fulfill your love for Renault! The more  you see, the more recommended it is by me. Little flags near the title show the language in which sites were written.
Renault 18i renovation 
An American guy began a restoration on his 18i. Go support him !

Renault 18 diesel
A page which one can wonder where it comes from, showing the 18 Diesel, the toughest car worldwide (apart the Merc 300 D, of course).

La Pagina argentina del Renault 18 por Agustin Barreiro
This website is still developing. Info in Spanish about the 18.

Mark's Renault 18 Page
Mark Gunning from Ireland drives daily a nice '85 18 TS. 
Nice URL, eh? But the webmaster must have lost the password for his FTP software three years ago.

La Renault 18, una pasion apasionada 
Another Argentinian R18 site. Hardly worth seeing.

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