No fairy tale about the 14
Renault 14 was born in the early months of the year 1976. As a stylistic variation of 5, uncontested success of Renault, the 14 innovated in its range, with a transversal engine coupled with a gearbox  sharing the same oil carter. A solution adopted for the first time in 1959 for Mini Austin. The engine of Renault 14 was designed jointly by Renault and its Peugeot competitor. The 1,2 liter will be also found under the cap of Peugeot 104, which will lead the detractors of the model to deny to it its statute of " true Renault ". Partly by the fault of an awkward communication (the publicity campaign compared the 14 with a pear!) and in spite of its real road qualities, Renault 14 never met success, at the point to see its career curtailed in 1982, when it is replaced by Renault 9. Today, 22 year after its output and 16 year since the stop of its production, Renault 14 has disappear of the French, automobile landscape, even if it's still possible to of see some, seldom in good condition, in the countryside or the small cities.

The 18, from European roads to African tracks
Renault 18, released in... 1978, cannot disavow its direct filiation with Renault 12 which it has to replace in the long term (the 12 surrendered in 1980). In ten years of automobile stylistic evolution (12 was born in 1969), the lines softened and the sharp angles rounded. The setback of the custode towards the trunk remains always also characteristic, and from the technical point of view, the famous rigid back axle is always faithful. The motorizations evolve carefully with the adoption in input of range of one 1,4 L, of one 1,6 L into top-of-the-range, then in 1980 of a 2,1 liter diesel, before a turbo diesel in 1984. A Turbo version of 125 CH, with the engine extrapolated of that of Renault 5, will cap soon the range.Made during eight years in Europe, until its replacement by Renault 21 in 1986, the 18 was assembled until the beginning of the Nineties in South America. It was also sold in the United States and Canada at the time of the American adventure of Renault. If this car is not extremely any more frequent today in traffic, twelve years after the end of its European career, it continued for a  long time a honourable course on used cars. Today, it continues to cross the roads of France, but also those of the Maghreb and Black Africa, especially in version station-wagon where its remarkable robustness confers it a statute almost equal to that of legendary Peugeot 504.

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